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Client Relation Specialist

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I have always loved pets and was excited to start a job working with them many years ago. I quickly realized how much I could learn and how rewarded I felt helping clients take care of their pet companions. I can't imagine doing anything else now. 

My daily goal for every patient is to know they are loved when they come in. I want them to be as relaxed as possible and enjoy coming to see us. I also want their pet parents to know that I am here to help them take the best care of their pets. I am always available to relay messages to the doctors or to help find answers to their questions or to help solve problems. 

I joined the Milford Animal Hospital staff in 1995. My husband Jay and I have been happily married since 1977.

We raised our niece Meghan. She has become a veterinarian and lives in Pennsylvania. I also have 2 step-daughters, 2 step granddaughters, and 3 step great granddaughters.


Over the years Jay and I have opened our home to 5 Yorkies, 2 Maltese, 1 shih-Tzu, 5 mix breeds dogs, 2 German Shepherd dogs, 3 dachshunds, 1 Chinese Cresed/Pug mix and several cats. Most of those fur babies have since passed away due to old age. 

We currently have 2 dogs- Kevin (chihuahua papillon mix) and Clarice (Pug), and 1 cat Bailey. 


I enjoy helping you help your fur kids.

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