Doctor Clemons Planned Retirement Announcement


After many months of prayerful consideration, I am announcing the sale of Milford Animal Hospital and my retirement as of January 1, 2020.


I have been practicing veterinary medicine since 1973 and loving every minute of it. I look forward to going to work each and every day and over those 46 years I have never called in sick a single day except for my own surgeries.


In the last three years I have been diagnosed with and successfully treated for two types of cancer. I am pleased to announce I am currently cancer free and in great health. Also, my wife Donna was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease two years ago. I recently turned 72 years old and would like to spend more time with Donna and travel the good ole USA in our RV while we are still physically able to.


What I will miss the most is the wonderful, close, personal relationships I have developed with so many of my clients at Milford Animal Hospital, many that I will always consider very close friends. At times I have treated pets from three generations of the same family. I will also miss meeting new clients, “puppy breath”, and helping clients deal with their pets training, wellness and medical conditions.


I will look forward, on a limited basis, to fill in as a “relief doctor” if needed to help cover vacations or illnesses of the current doctors.


I, my staff and doctors have spent many years making Milford Animal Hospital one of the highest quality practices in the entire Greater Cincinnati area. Several corporate groups have made very generous offers to purchase our hospital but I preferred to sell to someone familiar with our practice that would carry on our high standard of patient care and continue improving that care.


For these reasons I have agreed to sell Milford Animal Hospital to one of our current doctors, Chelsea Sluyter, and our current practice manager and longtime registered veterinary technician, Erin Shaffer. Dr. Sluyter is an exceptional veterinarian and has the necessary skills to be an outstanding practice owner. Erin Shaffer is not only a highly skilled veterinary technician, but she has provided leadership with her business skills and employee relations.


I am sure that together they will not only continue the high quality patient care our clients currently receive but they will add cutting edge medicine and technology to provide even better care of our valued patients in the years to come. With these owners I can retire knowing Milford Animal Hospital will carry on its great tradition of providing the highest quality medicine and surgery for its clients and their valuable pets.


The doctors at Milford Animal Hospital, Michelle Foster, Jennifer Mullaly and Chelsea Sluyter are three of the most knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate doctors in the entire city.  I would never trust my pets to anyone else. 


Gary Clemons, DVM