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I always loved animals after reading James Herriot "All Creatures Series". I was always interested in the field of veterinary medicine. In my first year of college I decided to become a veterinary technician and have been happily working in the field ever since. 

My goal is that every patient that I help, I treat as if they were my own pet. I give them some love and care that I give my own pets. 

I am a surgery vet technician at Milford Animal Hospital. I started here in 1986. I  also have been a long-term member of OAVT and CATA since I graduated from Vet Tech School in 1986. Every pet that comes in for surgery I give them the same care as if they were my own.

I have one dog, Kevin, along with two new kittens, Bob and Stuart,

Besides my family and pets, my interests are cycling, gardening, weightlifting. I am also certified in spinning and an aquatic instructor. I currently hold the record in my weight and age division in squat and state in deadlift and squat. 

Always try to inspire and treat people and pets with respect and care that living things deserve. 

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