All appointments are 30 minute appointments, so we have time to answer all of your questions. We make sure we give your pet the care and attention they need. We also do in-house lab work and microchipping.   



We are happy to offer several imaging modalities to help diagnose and treat various diseases and illnesses. Currently we have digital x-ray equipment, which delivers high quality images in just seconds. 

We have also added ultrasound imaging to augment and enhance our diagnostic ability. Ultrasound allows us to see more detail in individual organs and body spaces. Currently we use ultrasound for the abdomen primarily, as well as pregnancy checks. 




Our therapy laser is a safe, noninvasive treatment to reduce pain & inflammation, and accelerate the healing process.


Treatments for 1 area take anywhere from 2 – 5 minutes, and your pet experiences a gentle, soothing warmth with few to no side-effects.


In combination with medication, we use laser therapy for acute & chronic conditions, injuries, and post-op procedures. Most commonly we use the therapy laser for arthritis, strains and sprains, wounds, and injuries.


Laser therapy uses a process called photobiomodulation. Photons enter the tissue and interact with the cytochrome c complex within mitochondria to encourage repair and rejuvenation. This decreases both pain and inflammation.


Do you think your pet could benefit from therapy laser? Call and make an appointment with one of our doctors for an exam and potential therapy plan!


Some of our equipment including a CO2 surgical laser. The laser is used in many, but not all, surgical procedures. It's especially useful in removal of warts or skin tumors, and some internal procedures. Laser surgery causes less bleeding, swelling and pain. We encourage spaying and neutering of all pets to prevent unwanted litters and undesirable behaviors associated with unneutered pets.



We feel this is the most important element of any surgical, dental or anesthetic procedure. All anesthetized animals are intubated and state of the art monitoring equipment is utilized. We use ECG, pulse oxmeter, CO2, and blood pressure monitoring. This monitoring is performed on all surgical and dental patients.




Some pets need oral surgery or extraction of diseased teeth during their lifetime. We focus on prevention. Regular dental cleaning discourages gum disease and prevents harmful bacteria from entering your pet's bloodstream where it damages his kidneys, heart and liver.



After-hours emergencies are referred to Care Center or MedVet Medical for Pets. The facility is open 24/7 including all holidays. Their team's sole focus is emergency medicine. They are a highly trained group of doctors and clinical staff. We have no staff on duty after-hours to evaluate, treat, or monitor a critically ill or injured pet.