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Dr. Michelle Foster



In college, when trying to decide what to major in, and subsequently, what profession to enter, I read a book about choosing a career path. In it, a question was presented, the "gist" of which was- if you could get out of bed tomorrow and go to any job, without concern for how your training would be acquired, or how long it would take, or what classes would be necessary- where would you go? I knew without question, that I wanted to be heading to work as a veterinarian! Of course, I love animals and I also enjoy working with people. I like the application of science to the art of practice. Veterinary medicine offers many challenges, is rarely boring and provides the opportunity to learn something new every day. 


I think the goal of every pet's visit is to improve the well-being of the patient you are seeing. This can take many forms- relief of pain, stopping an itch, treatment of chronic condition, surgical resolution of a problem, extracting a painful tooth, answering an owner's questions about nutrition, performing a thorough physical exam. The purpose of the visit can be driven by trying to answer the questions: "If this animal could speak, what would they ask us as veterinarians to do for them? What problems would they want addressed first? What most affects their quality of life and how can we help?" 

I graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.

My family is composed of my husband, Alex, and our children Mary Claire and Ben.

Alex is a Cincinnati native, 


We share our home with Kona, Samson, and Delilah- two beagles of unknown ages that were found on a Florida beach several years ago; Valentine, the cat, (aka BK, Baby Kitty); and two goldfish.  

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