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Healing Henry

Dr. Chelsea Sluyter Feb 14, 2017

Henry came to us for a nasty abscess that traveled from an injury on his paw up into his armpit. In only days most of the skin covering his left arm actually died and the muscle underneath was exposed to the outside world. Initially we were very worried about Henry keeping that arm, and even his life.

Henry came in to see us every day at first for bandage changes and laser therapy sessions. Over time skin that was dead had to come off, and healthy skin slowly grew back.

This entire patch of skin over the elbow was dead and had to come off.

With lots of bandage changes and a bunch of TLC from everyone at Milford Animal Hospital and Henry’s family, Henry slowly began to regrow his skin and hair on his arm.

Henry is now back to running around his house and hanging out with his family!

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